Sunday, June 5, 2011

If you ever fancied yourself a writer.....

Then by all means DO NOT read THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak. It is brilliant. I am reading the story but also thinking to myself, "How, what, oh my, brilliant, wow."
This bit of writing makes me stop and reread sentences like Toni Morrison did when I first read her work. Or some of Barbara Kingsolver's sentences. Or Mary Oliver's poetry. This young man, for he does look really young in his author photo, has got to be a genius, or the reincarnation of some long dead AMAZING writer. Every single page is rife with words strung together in ways most people can't think to put them.

Just a random sampling - I am opening pages and picking - keep in mind I'm only on page 83 out of 550.

P. 50 - "The moon was undone now, free to move and rise and fall and drip on the boy's face, making him nice and murky, like his thoughts."

p. 42 - "Inside it, a woman with startled eyes, hair like fluff, and the posture of defeat stood in front of her."

p. 14 - "I hang suspended, until a septic truth bleeds toward clarity."

p. 33 - "In fact, you could say that Rosa Hubermann had a face decorated with constant fury."

p. 55 - "He adjusted his position and his bones creaked like itchy floorboards."

I did not have to hunt for any of these sentences, just opened a page and there they were. This is like drinking cream that has soaked over strawberries. Decadent, lush, unbelievable.

If you think of yourself as a writer, all I can say is, think twice before losing yourself in this book. Amazing.

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