Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't be Hating On-Line

On Twitter today there was a link to a blog, agent Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary wrote about on-line presence. You can find it here:

Because of my job as a teacher, I've been warned numerous times about the face we present on Facebook. I don't "friend" my students until they graduate. I'm cautious about the parents I friend. It's not that my life is so wild and crazy, but I love irreverant humor, I like to curse, and I'm not an avid Baptist like many of my neighbors, and in a county filled with Republicans, well, I am not. In a word or two, I'm cautious about that on-line presence.

But last winter, I had a number of minor ailments. I guess I complained one or two times. So what happened? I ran into an acquaintance who said to me, "Wow, you sure were sick a lot this winter." I was like, "What are you talking about?" It was all because of Facebook. I will never mention a sore toe, throat, or ear again.

On the Blueboards, I learned this weekend (when I met another Blueboarder) that my persona there is funny. Cool. I like funny. Funny works. Success.

On Twitter, I already decided I never want to be represented by Agent X - the reason is because of the tone of this agent's tweets. Negative. Hating. Sarcastic and not funny sarcasm but mean sarcasm. But the thing is, said agent may be a lovely person admired and loved by said agent's clients, but in my mind, definitely a hater.

So what about you? What's been a cool thing to happen because of the on-line you, you've created. Something that surprised you? Made you want to change your ways? Do you feel the need for an on-line presence, love it or hate it?

Chime in! Say hi! I don't bite (and I promise I won't complain about my sore fingers!).


  1. Interesting comment about the personas you present. I've always thought I am who I am who I am -- at least since the 5th grade.

    I've never thought I'd have changed my persona just because of social media. I'm going to have to think on this. But then, I grew up with an attitude that "them was out to git ya if you didn't watch your behind." [And, I self-censored that.]

    That said, small towns spread "news" like peanut butter, regardless of the means gathered.

  2. Well and it's not so much about changing the you that is you, as being intentional and deliberate about what you choose to share. Like my Facebook "ouchies" example - I had no idea I was coming across as all pathetic and sickly, but that's what that person saw.


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