Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Okay, don't tell a soul, but I'm having a bout of writer insecurity. Yes, it's true, sadly true, but I'm in one of those places where I'm seriously questioning my ability to turn a handy phrase.

I love my books. I love my characters. But every now and then when I reread them and then - eek! - compare them to someone else's work, they just feel so, well, juvenile.

I started reading Chris Crutcher's DEADLINE tonight and it's a book that makes me realize there is still so much to learn. His voice is smart and witty and certain phrases make me laugh out loud. Plus he sprinkles references like candies on a cupcake. I can't remember if I brushed my teeth in the morning, much less be able to quote Bill Bryson (who is highly quotable and a great read)as I'm writing.

But, time will tell, if I'm not ready, I'm not ready. But it's hard to judge your own work, so in the meantime, in the words of Nemo, "Just keep swimming."

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  1. Insecurity is partly good, it helps us want to improve our writing and work to getting better. But it does suck having it. Big time.


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