Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodbye Cupid. Goodbye Beaker.

This week has been a week of goodbyes. One sad, one happy.

On the farm we had three ducks. I've written about them before. Ducks are funny and cool and strange. But our boy duck, Cupid, disappeared this week. Potential suspects range from coyote to bobcat to great horned owl. So now we're down to two ducks and a little less waddle in the weeds. I hope it was quick and painless dear Cupid. (That's him in front with the white head)

On a happier note - my cockatiel, Beaker, went to live with one of my third grade students and her family. With my impending move to the high school, I just figured having a class pet at that level, was pretty much wishing kidnapping or worse on the sweet little bird. I'll miss his stunning rendition of the Andy Griffith theme song and nobody cat calls the way he does.

One of my student's collages of Beaker.

Other than that it's writing, revising, and reading. With two more weeks in the school year, I'm looking forward to down time and life at home on the farm.


  1. Poor Cupid. :( We had a cat go missing without knowing what happened to her. It's not fun.


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