Thursday, April 7, 2011

Story Ideas from the mouths of babes

Being a teacher and a writer gives me unique advantages. I hear a lot of stories. Stories I can sequester into the recesses of my brain and pluck to mold for my own one day use. Here are some I heard this week.

  • Vampire mates with werewolf, has strange mutant one-off spawn. Strange spawn miraculously finds the only other mutant vampire werewolf and they mate, producing offspring that can't be killed. (3rd grade girl)

  • Cousin hopped up on drugs slept out back in the trailer used for storing hay. Took a big dump in the non-functioning toilet. Mom chased him off with a shotgun. You know, he just wasn't raised right. Even his own Mama hates him. (5th grade boy)

  • Flubbernuggets are taking over the world. There is a cereal killer that has invaded Flubberland, attacking Mr. Cheerios and Hot Cocoa Puffs. We're going to create Flubber News. (group of 5th grade girls)

  • There's a grey and white cat. It looks like the moon. (3rd grade - ESL girl)

  • A boy has a sick mother. He decided to go to the rainforest to look for a potion. There he finds a miracle monkey who leads him to a cure. But when he gets back his mother is even more ill and he has to return but he can't find the monkey. His mother dies. (5th grade boy)

This is just this week, what I can remember off the top of my head. I love the imagination of children.


  1. Those are hilarious! The vampire mating with a werewolf!!!! But the last one was sad :(

  2. Well fortunately the boy who came up with the last story has a mother who's alive and well - though I imagine it's a subconscious fear he has as he's a bit of a momma's boy. Thanks for stopping by!


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