Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Serendipity or why Social Media is important

It's been a madcap crazy writing month.

I'm going to tell you a tale of WHY social media is important. So here goes. In December, I sent an e-mail to amazing agent who is closed to queries, BUT, AA had done an interview citing that AA was looking for just my type of book. In said e-mail, I said "May I query you?"

So, with permission, I queried with first chapter in February. Nada. Zip. Nunca.

In March, I joined the March Madness writing challenge which turned into April WIP Madness writing challenge. Another participant reached out to me and said "Hey there! You seem cool. Let's swap fulls or partials."

Since I thought the manuscript I'd sent was dead in the water I sent this to my new BFF from social media. Two days later, I kid you not, I got an e-mail from Amazing Agent saying "I'd like to read more. Send the full."

So, feeling like maybe I just had a teensy bit of tweaking to do. I e-mailed new social media BFF and said "You ain't ever gonna believe this...."

Then she e-mailed me back and said "You ain't ever gonna believe this but a couple of my crit partners are AA's clients and one of my real life BFF's is AA's co-agent."

Weird. Right? Right. So, she did me a favor and did a speed crit of my manuscript and I did a flurry of last minute tweaking. And even if it never gets past this point, this moment of serendipity has been very cool.

And that is why social media is important. You make BFF's. And rub shoulders with people who know people who know Amazing Agents. And your work gets read. And people like it. And that is good. Yes. Good.

Maybe, one day, I'll be able to say, I got AA because of social media. But until then, it's back to the WIP and the waiting.

Peace out.


  1. oh, that is a very cool story! What a great moment for you. I know I owe the Karma Gods for my luck and timing getting my agent too.
    Good luck with your submission!!

  2. We'll see - I've already been told it will be a wait. In the meantime, forward march on the new book.

  3. That's very cool, fingers crossed for you! I've had some fun things happen over social media too, like winning crits from agents and authors and meeting some great people. Writers who hang out online are incredibly friendly.

  4. Very late note to say I did not sign with above agent but I have maintained a relationship with my Twitter friends as critique partners (and had a lovely correspondence with the above agent who if I ever find myself in the place of looking again for an agent - I hope not - I wil definitely contact this person).


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