Friday, March 11, 2011

Kid Stuff

Just returned from D.C. with a student and her family - she won a big ART competition and being her ART teacher, I tagged along. The reception to honor the winners was at the Rayburn House Office Building, just across the street from the Capitol.

Now I'm not one to get all geekified about movie stars, but I am one to get geekified about political figures. I just think it's so cool that big fat decisions are being made as I walk around in the hallway - country wide decisions at that.

Leave it to the children to bring it back to perspective.

So, I'm sitting in the hallway, looking for Senate pins on men and women in dark suits, when I hear a "POP!" Leave it to two boys to find the only piece of bubble wrap for miles. Oblivious to the VERY IMPORTANT place they're hanging out in, that piece of bubble wrap made it fun.

These are the little things that as writers for children, we need to keep in our perspective, what are the little things (to us) that are the big things (to kids)? Have you noticed some little something recently that put it all back into perspective for you?


  1. Hey, when it's boring, ya gotta do something to alleviate it. And, it's twice as much fun if someone laughs.

  2. Oh, I think kids always put things in perspective for you. I took early retirement from teaching to write full time, but I still teach an after school art club. One of my favorite comments by a former student was, "And what is your talent, Mrs. Varadan? But I have a collection of many more like that. :-)

  3. Oh awesome, were you an art teacher as well? Today I learned the word, "rememberizing". I sort of liked it.


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