Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh Happiness!

I just received an awesome e-mail from a friend, our local bookmobile driver (yes we still have one and it's way cool!) and she said this about "The Happy Kind" the older MG I'm querying:

I have been reading since it started raining around 1. I resented having to stop and eat. I LOVE to eat. I usually find YA fiction vaguely boring and predictable, not this story. I'm on page 133. Got to get back to it..bye for now

Giddy happy dance. Little leprechauns of joy are leaping in my belly. Oh to think that someone is reading something I wrote and not able to put it down. Not wanting to put it down. No finer gift could be given to me this evening.

Don't you just love when someone connects to your stories? I mean, yes, we write them for ourselves first and foremost, and of course for the characters who want to come to life, but a book is a living entity and it is at its best when other eyes are on it, interpreting, loving, hating, connecting...and someone is reading my manuscript....right...this...minute!

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  1. Hey, the praise is well-deserved for a manuscript well-written.


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