Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to be a Writer=Accepting Rejection Gracefully

I am loving this journey. Even the downs. I received my first request for a full last week then within days got the "didn't quite connect the way I'd hoped to" e-ject. So, in celebration, I bought a YA book that had been recommended and two books on the craft of writing. Yes, 3 books for one rejection is distorted math, but it was my first rejection on a full so I went over the top. But I've decided this is my new tradition, rejection on a full = new book. Seems fair.

A few weeks ago I joined a new critique group started by various members of Verla Kay's blueboards. I'm still sussing out how I feel about it. It's great having so many eyes on my work, really great, and each one brings something of value. But I also have to be careful not to let the waters get too muddied. If I took every suggestion, the final product would be far from my original goal. I do like critiquing though, it helps with my own writing.

I've started my next WIP. I'd thought I'd wait and do a bit more outlining but Sadie's voice kept getting stronger and stronger and now I have 1200 words of my first chapter. This is a Young Adult, and I think I'm going to enjoy the freedoms writing for a slighly older audience brings. My goal is 5000 words per week, which should give me a draft by May or June.

That's all in my writing world, what's going on in yours?

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  1. Keep the progress going ... even the rejections. You have to have completed something to submit to get a rejection.


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