Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expulsion of Writing Downs

Whooosh - I've been feeling that expulsion of air that comes when you go through the "oh why I am writing such drivel, no one is going to want to read this" phase of your writing life.

I'm off the high of "The Happy Kind" and now 6K into "Cast in Gold" my first YA. It' scary to try and switch voice and find my inner teenager. I was a better twelve year old than I was a seventeen year old so it feels sort of painful to try and dig that space back up. Tomorrow night is my writing class and I volunteered for the chopping block with the first chapter of this new WIP. Bites fingernails. Gnashes teeth. Calms the butterflies. Will they like it? Will they hate it?

For those of you who have been at this seriously for longer than I, how in the world do you put up with this inner churn?

And nothing but crickets in the inbox. Sigh.


  1. 've just given you the One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by to check it out. http://www.kellyhashway.com/apps/blog/show/6233826-one-lovely-blog-award

  2. In answer to your question, some days I do better than others. Good critique partners, extensive reading in whatever genre I'm writing in, and an over-indulgence in chocolate and long walks -- they all help me along.

    And thank you for the blog award!


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