Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Engine stalls.....

Well I managed to rip through a first draft of a new MG novel in about 6 weeks thanks to the multitude of snow days. (This novel had been percolating for about six months with copious character notes so it wasn't conceived and finished in 6 weeks.)

I'm now skipping back through it based on a chapter by chapter beta reader's suggestions, making changes. I've got another reader doing a whole ms read to give me feedback on plotting and pacing. After these two are done, I'll go back through checking my character's voices and tackling the "too many" words I found, like "just"and "looked". When all that is said and done, I have three local friends to read for me, one our bookmobile librarian, one the founder of our local literary festival, and one a friend who was born and raised in these mountains and can help with accuracy of voice and situation - aka believability. After that, maybe I'll send out a few tentative queries.

Lots of work involved with birthing a book. Last night I crashed at 8pm, I gave myself a night off. Day job plus creative job equal tired lady.

Hopefully my engine will rev again soon.

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