Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When your characters become dinner party conversation

So I was down at my neighbor's house the other day. (About the only place I can get to with all this snow!)
She plyed me with wine and cheese and I started talking books. She's also a writer, a playwright, so she gets it.

As I described my newest middle grade novel to her. She started asking me questions about
different characters. The best part was, I immediately knew the answers. Obscure things like,
do they live mainly on social security and why does she hold so much anger (that one's not as obscure) and the answers shot straight off my tongue.

I did quite a bit of character development for this piece. I have a couple of different word
documents with nothing but background information. As I'm now a solid 21,500 words into it, I see the work paid off.

And if we keep having snow, I may be able to look back on this winter and instead of grumbling about being held hostage by ice crystals, I may be able to say, that's the winter I finished drafting "The Happy Kind".

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  1. Nice to have a neighbor who understands the process of writing a book.


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