Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowed in Again

Wow. Winter. When we moved here, we heard about these winters, but never really dealt with them. The last two years have been a different story entirely. Snow piled upon snow piled upon snow. What this means for me as a teacher is school well into June and days at home that are unexpected.

What this means for me as a writer, well, heaven. I have been amazingly productive this past month. I finished a rewrite on a Middle Grade dog story. I wrote a brand new picture book that I adore. And now I'm 8500 words into a shiny new middle grade project that is very near and dear to my heart. Along with all this I'm fortunate to be working with two critique partners who write very differently than I do but give me great feedback and tell amazing stories.

Though I don't love the cold and the work of gathering food for humans and animals from stores all over the county or of making sure the kerosene is full, I am loving this time inside my stories.


  1. It's not my imagination. You guys back east are stealing our snow.


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