Friday, January 14, 2011

Screech Owl in Da House!

Brrr. It's still cold outside and the critters are coming in! We have this little wedge shaped storage space above our washer and dryer. This morning there was an awful banging ruckus happening in there. The cats were on the counter staring at the ceiling and licking their whiskers.

I'm embarrassed to say but just a few weeks ago we had a 4-legged critter of a less savory variety. Meester Rat. He decided to chew his way into the dog food cupboard (even though the dog food is kept in plastic bins). Then he decided to chew into the bins. We bought a VERY LARGE trap and murdered him. Cold blooded I know. But he wouldn't listen and we warned him.

So, I was all convinced we had another VERY LARGE rat in this little storage area. I bought another trap. We got the ladder. We approached it with a great degree of drama and consternation. Whatever was in there was BIG. It pushed against the door and made it pop open.


My son lifted back the wooden door. And here was this guy. Aaaaaaah. Not a rat, but a very adorable screech owl. No clue how he wormed his way into this spot. The crevices are very small to get in from the attic and he was stuck. We got a curtain rod and convinced him out of the dark cubby. He flew around the kitchen a bit before we finally got him out the sliding glass door.

Here he is resting on a sack of potatoes - "What's for dinner people?"


  1. Oh my goodness! You really do have an owl in your house! I'm so glad you thought to take a picture--what a beautiful guy. Poor thing probably thought y'all were pretty scary, too. =)

  2. How wonderful! As long as it's not calling your name, everything should be fine.

    We have one in the neighborhood -- have never seen it but ID'd the sound online. The soft woo-hooo-hooo it makes is certainly not my idea of a screech!

  3. Was there mail attached to his leg? Anything from Hogwarts? LOL

    I would have freaked completely. Then ran for my camera and had someone else come and take care of getting him out of my house. 8)

  4. Glad he got returned to the outside safely.

    [I also admired how neat your kitchen looks.]

  5. Oh wow! what a great big adventure for that cute little owl! I'm glad he ended up ok. :0)

  6. Yep, it was pretty cool and he was beautiful. I looked up animal spirits and the owl is associated with wisdom and wealth, along with escorting spirits to the underworld. Hmmmm. My son was convinced someone meant to send him a message!


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