Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yet another Writer Blogger

Yes it's true. You are witnessing the birth of yet another writer/blogger. I guess it's not really the virgin birth as my teaching blog has been up for a few years.

But this blog, this blog is about my secret desire. The secret desire I decided to make public a few years ago. I want to be a published children's author. And no, I don't want to self-publish. I want to hone my craft, learn, dig deep, find the stories that will delight and inspire and do it in such a way that "those in the biz" will sit up and take notice. Pompous? Maybe a little. Do-able? Maybe not. But maybe. And the maybe is what I hold on to. goals....what will this blog be? I can answer the first. My goal for 2011 is to write at a minimum, once a week, about the process of my writing, the things that inspire, or about the country life that surrounds me. Who is this blog for? Primarily for myself, as a place to stretch my fingers and hone my voice. Will I make errors, probably, there will be no beta readers for the blog. This will be raw J.Ro. But hopefully, out there somewhere, in blog world, what I write will strike a chord and resonate with another writer.

Ready...set....go...let the blog begin! Wahoo!


  1. I'll be following. And I'm a great believer in the power of the maybe! Wishing you lots of luck with this exciting venture.

  2. I know you will accomplish your dream. I have seen you do so with so much of your life. You have courage and imagination to match your creative abilities.

  3. The power of intention is undeniable. Go J.Ro!

  4. Thanks cabinwoman (Lynn) and Susan - I'm having a whole bunch of fun!


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