Monday, December 27, 2010

Visualizing Characters

Lately, as my writing has ramped up, I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have an artistic background. Both of my picture book manuscripts will be as much about the illustrations as the story, which is the way it should be. Since my artistic talents lie more in the 3-D realm, someone else will be illustrating my stories. I am already excited about a future in which my characters come to life visually. I can just imagine the double page spread of Grandma Frances in her very long car.

As I write, I frequently mind travel to the story. I really need to be able to see the imaginary places I create. If I can't reach out and feel and smell and touch both my characters and my setting, how can I write?

Sometimes I look at my students or people on the street and ask myself is that Character A? Is that him? At my children's chorus concert I found my supporting friend for the new middle grade novel I hope to start sometime after the new year. I have this real live girl's face locked in. Once I saw this face, the questions about character for my fictional character stepped in to place. I can't always do this with my main character's though. I have more of a shadowy idea, which gives both myself, and my eventual readers, room to interpret.

What about you, how do you find your characters?
Hey Lady, What would you say about me?

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