Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Downside of Writing Time

The stars are in alignment for my quest. Combined with the tides, gulf streams, and Canadian air currents, Western North Carolina has been inundated with SNOW this December. For me, that usually means a break from teaching with back to back snow days or optional teacher work days.

I live down what is affectionately known as "the crookedest road in the county" and though there's probably a metaphor in there somewhere, it's a pretty literal statement. This road follows the western side of a river and looks like a snake created it. So, optional teacher workdays aren't always possible for me.

But I digress. What this all adds up to is writing time! Glorious, beautiful, wonderful writing time. So you ask, what's the downside? Ummm, it's my, umm, downside. All this time sitting at the computer, sitting in the bed with warm laptop on lap, taking breaks for chamomile tea with honey and cream, oh and just one Christmas cookie while I'm at it. Well, I'm starting to suffer from Oompah Loompah syndrome. My derriere (always loved that word) is becoming derivative. The saddlebags are spreading. The bootay is a beautay.

So as I dream of one day getting to folow this dream full-time, I'm wondering how do you keep the downside from becoming a downside?

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