Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bad Dog! Good Dog?

"I knocked down my boy!" "Kujo is my hero!" "You got it? I want it!"

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the craft of writing.
No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post

This is Henry. When you think of the song "What do you do with a problem like Maria?" Just insert the name Henry. Although he's not a will-o-the-wisp, he's a 100 + pound Great Pyrenees dog. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, they are French. First clue. They are independent because they were bred to protect flocks from wolves and coyotes. Second clue. They have a lot of hair. Third clue. They are what is classified as a "giant breed." Fourth Clue.

Acquiring Henry. Well we had to put down our wonderful, sweet, mannerly, ten year old Pyr named Elmo about a year and a half ago. It was devastating as you would expect. Enter Henry. Oh, it started innocently enough. An e-mail, from a friend, with the subject line:

"I hate to do this to you."

The e-mail contained a sad plea. Friends one state away had found a teenage male Pyr. They couldn't find his owners. He was obviously well-bred. They had a vet friend who would neuter him and do all his shots at shelter prices. Did we want him?

Oh my gosh. A Pyr? It was meant to be. Elmo must have sent him from the heavens. We now realize that Elmo knew that if we didn't take him, he'd never find a home. Because....who would put up with him!

Why Henry is a bad dog. Henry does not come when called. Henry likes to roll in fecal matter. Henry will ignore your call. Henry will look at you, see you calling him, then turn and RUN in the opposite direction...for hours. Henry drags home dead stuff. Henry will snap at you if you ask him to get out of the car. Henry will not come when called. Henry has a deep bass bark that he knows how to use. He also has a soprano howl that he has taught to the rest of our pack. He sheds. He will use his paw to punch closed doors (to get your attention). He will use his paw to drag across your arm, thigh, back (to get your attention). He will bump his rear end against the footboard of the bed (to get your attention). He will whine (to get your attention). All of the aforesaid attention getting tactics are so he will be let out and will then be able to ignore your call. I'm convinced it's a master plan.

But then there's this Henry. Sigh. What are you gonna do but love him up?


  1. Ha! I can totally relate. We recently adopted a dog and while she's generally well-trained, sometimes she just loses all reason and turns into a demon. Just this morning she saw two deer in the yard and turned into a maniac and tried to drag me through the snow. But they're so darn cute, aren't they? :-)

  2. Henry thinks deer are the ENEMY. He patrols the borders (and a little beyond) of the farm to make sure deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc. stay away. Congrats on adopting a dog!

  3. Our cat just barfs all over after eating snitched plastic.

  4. awwww, he's adorable. I have a beagle that is completely unobedient, but she's so dang cute. It's hard not to love her.

    Henry is adorable. He also sounds like the good subject for a good book. :0)

  5. Nice Kay! Yea, I wake up to lovely presents as well. Thanks for stopping by C.R.!


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